CMAT 344: Writing For the Professions

Welcome to Writing for the Professions. Both forms of writing are similar and different from each other, like two sides of a coin. We will learn proficiency in the different genres and forms of both types of writing. Journalistic writing seeks to be objective, neutral, and unbiased, above all. The first half of the semester will be journalism followed by public relations writing in the second half. Because PR writing implies a solid understanding of your audience (such as journalists), logically, it makes sense to fully grasp journalistic writing before moving on to more persuasive, strategic forms of writing.

For journalistic writing, it is important to fully understand the news principles and news values that underlie our work.

For PR folks, an interesting reminder: on March, 2012, PRSA, along with Chartered Institute for Public Relations, and Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the International Association of Business Communicators, and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association came together to define public relations in an initiative called “Public Relations Defined.”

The top three definitions for PR are:

Public relations is the management function of researching, communicating and collaborating with publics to build mutually beneficial relationships.”

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Public relations is the strategic process of engagement between organizations and publics to achieve mutual understanding and realize goals.”

Here were the winning stats: Total votes cast= 1,447 votes, the winner was definition No. 2, with 671 votes, or 46.4 percent; next was No. 3, with 435 votes, or 30.1 percent; and then No. 1, with 341 votes, or 23.6 percent.

The winning definition earned points because it suggested PR was a continuous, ongoing process (see, March 2, 2012 for complete article).

So look around our exciting and fast moving world, engage with the different forms of content and media, share, and participate fully with our classmates on this domain.

One thought on “CMAT 344: Writing For the Professions

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