Fall 2013 Student Blogs

My Fall 2013 students maintained a weekly semester-long blog to hone their writing skills, stay up with the current events in their beat, and engage in an online medium. Their blogs are below:

1. Eli Modlin: http://emodlin.wordpress.com

2. Victoria Sottek: http://victoriamichelle93.wordpress.com

3. Jamie Langley: http://jml1992.wordpress.com

4. Ariana Cianco: http://aciancio1.wordpress.com

5. Carly Slater: http://cslater1.wordpress.com

6. Bryan Woodruffe: http://woodroffe13.wordpress.com

7. Britnei Mallette: http://britneiraeblog.wordpress.com

8. Tim Matis: http://tmatis1.wordpress.com

9. Jessic Goodell: http://jgoodell1.wordpress.com

10. Madeline Kelsey: http://mkelsey1.wordpress.com

11. Lauren Holloway: http://lholloway1.wordpress.com

12. Jessica Blum: http://jblum1.wordpress.com

13. Gabriella Tancona: http://gabriellatancona.wordpress.com

14. Willie Morton: http://williemorton1.wordpress.com

15. Justin McClure: http://justinmcclure78.wordpress.com

16. Kat Murphy: http://volleyballkmsu.wordpress.com

17. Jennifer Reeves: http://jenniferanne93.wordpress.com

18. Jamika Rascoe: http://jamikamaria.wordpress.com

19. Michelle Cassell: http://mc77781.wordpress.com/

20. Carmen Izurieta: http://ci77950.wordpress.com

21.Conor Reilly: http://conorreillysports.wordpress.com

22. Steven Goodman: stevengood51.wordpress.com

23. Zack Price: theblondebear.wordpress.com


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